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Pictures from the Conference are HERE! Thank you all for attending and making this such a memorable event. 

And HERE are all the presentations.


Adult Ed Regional Consortia

It is vital to keep up-to-date on this vital project!  The AB86 project website is the best source for accurate and current information -- please visit often!

Past Activities:

Fall 2013 one-day "drive-In" workshops: Northern - October 24, Sacramento (Chancellor's Office); Southern - November 7, Anaheim (NOCCCD)

All available presentations from conferences and workshops are posted under "Resources" when available.

2013 - Governor's May Revise and LAO Response

Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) December 5, 2012 report on Adult Education in California. 

Please click the above link and read it carefully!  ACCE Board Member Valentina Purtell addressed ACCE's concerns at the Board of Governors meeting on January 7.  You can read an expanded version of the ACCE comments here 

Published in 2012: 

The Chancellor's Office has published new guidelines for community services offerings (fee-supported programs).  These are now posted, including the guidelines as well as a brief Q&A on common concerns.  

The following resources were helpful in the Proposition 30 victory, Fall 2012:

  •  Community College League of California provided a very helpful analysis of Proposition 30 vs.38 and what each of them would mean to community colleges.  Because only one could go into effect, it was important to understand the differences. Here is is a memo prepared by CCLC describing the impact of each on community colleges.  roporopovery a a 

  • From the Chancellor's Office:  Here is a Power Point presentation that discusses the return on investment of community colleges, the impact of budget cuts and the effects that the passage or failure of Proposition 30 would have on our system.

  • California Coalition for Public Higher Education raised funds in support of the Proposition 30 campaign. 

  • CATESOL took a position in support of Proposition 30.

  • EdSource had a user-friendly analysis of Prop 30 vs. 38.

Student Success Taskforce (SSTF) Implementation Update

  • College faculty statewide have called for a task force to be formed to determine the cost of implementing the SSTF recommendations.   
    Consultation Digest, February 6, 2012
  • Many people are not sold on the completion agenda. Here is an article that advocates for learning, creativity, critical thinking, and enlightenment to be the focus and goal of education. Should we move our colleges in this direction or move in a direction of short-sighted rationing, restriction, and control to balance the budget?
    Inside Higher Ed, February 9, 2012 
  • At its January 9, 2012 meeting, the CCC Board of Governors accepted the final report of the Student Success Task Force.
    Advancing Student Success in California Community Colleges
  • Feedback on earlier versions of SSTF drafts from ACCE and other organizations can be accessed through these links:

Letter from ACCE to the Memebers of the SSTF, December 1, 2011

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges: SSTF - Recommendations, Resources, and Responses

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office - CIO Feedback    

California Community College Assciation for Occupational Education, Response to SSTF Recommendations   

Community College Council of the California Federation of Teachers




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